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Aaron Julison Profile

Aaron plays the bass guitar in Twisted Brown Trucker


What Kid Rock says:

“Party Boy. He’s a great bass player and has a great harmony, which is what I was looking for. He’s a young kid – 22 years old. When we were in Miami partying after a show, he left his hotel room door open and the whole crew went in and flipped his bed, left his shower running, cleaned out his mini bar, ordered all the pornos on the TV. He’s a good kid. Everyone in the band is pretty much married and I was engaged for a while so everyone was pretty mellowed out, but now it’s like me and Aaron.”



Aaron Julison Raised in Grand Forks, North Dakota. Julison is the bassist and backing vocalist for Kid Rock and the Twisted Brown Trucker Band. His music roots were laid in being a roadie for a Christian band by the name of SoZo. Julison joined the band in 2003 as a permanent replacement for Mike Bradford, who left in 2001 to be a music producer for Uncle Kracker and Deep Purple.Before Julison, the Twisted Brown Trucker Band had no bass player on their studio albums, Jimmie Bones would use a synth bass instead. Aaron is the youngest member of Twisted Brown Trucker. In 2006 Julison also appeared on his former Detroit roommate Huck Johns’ solo Capitol records release “Huck” which featured the moderate hit “Oh yeah” His sister also had a brief career in Christian music. He also co-wrote the song “Spy” for Tait on their “Empty” 2001 release on Forefront/EMI.

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