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AUDIO: Listen to the New Uncle Kracker Single “Endlessly”

Billboard have today debuted the brand new Uncle Kracker single Endlessly. To hear it, go to the article and scroll down to the music player at the bottom.

The article also notes that Uncle Kracker is working on a new album which he describes as “a mixed bag of everything.” Kracker has been working on the album with Kid Rock cohorts Al Sutton and Marlon Young at Sutton’s Rustbelt Studios in suburban Detroit.

“I’ve definitely got an album or more worth of stuff. The awesome part is that everybody’s like, ‘Let’s not worry about what works (commercially). Let’s worry about what feels good, what sounds good. Let’s make sure the album’s good.’ That’s so great, especially since, really, who knows what has a chance these days, anyhow. It never was easy, but it seems less easy these days, so why even worry about it?”

Kracker says that Jason Flom, Chief Executive Officer of Lava Records, brought “Endlessly” to him, saying that, “Kracker has to do this one.’ It’s kind of a ballad, but it’s got this pop-country twist thing. (Flom) really wanted me to do it, and it’s the kind of song that fits with what I do. I think it came out really well.”

Below is the Endlessly CD cover. The song gets a digital release tomorrow.



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