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Barbara Payton Interview

The following interview was conducted via email in November 2007.

Interviewed By Ronny

1. What inspired you to enter the music business?

Barbara Payton: Both of my parents are retired music teachers so that had a huge influence on my musical upbringing, also I remember sneaking into a bar when I was in high school so that I could see the band that I had been listening to from the street. Once I made it in and witnessed a full on rock band with a female lead singer my fate was sealed.


2. Tell us a little bit about your band and how it was formed?

Barbara Payton: I formed my own band just under 10 yrs ago. I was tired of singing at weddings (although the money was great and I dug the band I was with) and restaurants where you were mainly background music so I thought how hard can it be to form your own band…………hah I was in for a rude awakening! Needless to say that the band has changed members several times over the years and my line up now consists of David Jack & Brad Giamo on drums and percussion, Matt Walsh on bass, Chris Brantley on guitar and Dale Grisa on keyboards. I’m the front singer and leader of the band and “No” I don’t play acoustic guitar:)!


3. Does any of the deep storytelling in your songs come from the experiences you’ve went through in your personal life?

Barbara Payton: Absolutely! Although sometimes I just observe others and write from my perspective.


4. How big of an honor has it been to you and your music career touring with the legendary Bob Seger?

Barbara Payton: It has been the high of my professional career to work with a living legend whom I’ve admired for so long from afar. Now since meeting him and working for him my admiration has only grown.


5. How were you contacted into joining the Twisted Brown Trucker band and going on the road with them?

Barbara Payton: Bob Seger and Kid Rock shared the same management for years so it just seemed to fall into place after I finished up the tour with Seger last year. I was called into Kid Rocks studio to finish up some backup vocals on his cd “Rock & Roll Jesus” and then I was asked to go out for the small venue tour with him and the Twisted Brown Trucker band.


6. Is it difficult to adapt between performing live and singing backup vocals?

Barbara Payton: There is a big difference between the two and it took some adjusting to but I feel that it makes you a much more well rounded singer if you can shift back and forth from both rolls.


7. What are some of your hobbies outside of music?

Barbara Payton: Reading almost anything I can get my hands on about alternative medicine & just being outdoors. Oh and drinking great wine with a wonderful meal is my favorite pastime!


8. Which song on Kid Rock’s “Rock N Roll Jesus” album is your favorite and why?

Barbara Payton: “Amen” because of it’s content and the place that it was written from. Of course I don’t know what state of mind Bob was in when he wrote it, I’m just saying that something that moving and insightful can only come from a divine place.


9. Name a hidden talent that you have that people might not know about?

Barbara Payton: My partner is teaching me how to fish and she has told me that I have amazing hand/eye coordination, who knew?! Okay I set myself up for that one so lets just leave it alone:)


10. Finally, do you have any upcoming projects you would like to mention to our visitors?

Barbara Payton: Yes, I’ll be going into the studio with my band this winter to start working on a new cd due out in the summer of 08′ and I can’t wait!!!!!

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