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D-Nice Interview

The following interview was conducted via email in May 2006.

Extreme Kid Rock had the chance to catch up with D-Nice in an exclusive interview for the site. For those who don’t know, D-Nice worked with Kid Rock on his first album Grits Sandwiches For Breakfast and the pair also toured together in the early 90’s. Here’s the interview – a major thank you to D-Nice for taking time from his schedule to answer the following questions for us:

> 1. How did you become part of the group Boogie Down Productions in the late 80’s?

I was one of the 3 original member of the group that consisted of dj Scott La Rock, KRS-One and myself. The group started out in the mid 80’s and me released our first recording entitled “South Bronx” in 1986 when I was 15 years old.


> 2. Why do you think the song “Call Me D-Nice” was such a big hit?

Well, at the time when that record was released in 1990, hip-hop was extremely political. The popular groups at that time were groups like BDP, Public Enemy, and NWA. I was just about to turn 20 years old and I didnt want to take the political route. I decided that I was tired of living in the shadow of KRS-One and I wanted to do a song that told the world who I am. That was an uncommon thing to do at the time. The one thing I had going for me was that the music on that track was INSANE! It was based on an old song called “Buzzsaw” by The Turtles. The beat couldn’t be denied.


> 3. With many different artists signed with BDP, was there any jealousy and competition between some of the members when it came to making music as to who was better?

There were several members in our group but none were as popular as KRS-One and myself. The only tension in the group was between KRS and myself. I was the rebellious teen who wanted to walk side by side and that’s not want he wanted. He wanted everyone to follow his lead. I didn’t like the path he was taking and I decided to leave the group to pursue my own dreams.


> 4. Who are your favorite rappers at the moment?

I’m a huge Jay-Z fan. I think he’s brilliant. I love Talib Kewli, Eminem, and I’m getting into Little Brother these days.


> 5. What are your interests outside of music?

Well, after I stopped rapping, I started a web development company called “United Camps”. We’ve developed websites for artist like Alicia Keys, Annie Lennox and Violator Management.. I’m also a professional photographer. I photographed the latest 50 Cent Reebok campaign, a MLB campaign, Lil Scrappy, Talib Kweli, and I have a book deal on the table for a D-Nice coffee table book of my images. I also travel the world djing huge events for people like Kid Rock, Sean Puffy Combs, 50 Cent, Paramount, Sports Illustrated, Queen Latifah, and many others.


> 6. What is your most memorable moment with Kid Rock?

When I think of Rock, the first thing that comes to mind was when we toured together back in 1990. I had the huge tour bus and he traveled the country in an old car. I would look at him through the window and think how devoted he was. When his car broke down, I invited him to ride on the bus with me for the tour and he agreed. That was the moment we bonded and we’ve been the best of friends since then.


> 7. How did you and Kid Rock meet and what were your first impressions of him?

The funny thing is I actually dont remember how we met. All I can say is it feels I’ve known him my entire life.


> 8. Looking back, many Kid Rock fans find it hard to take Kid Rock’s first LP “Grits Sandwiches For Breakfast” seriously. What are your thoughts on how the album turned out?

HA! First off all, I absolutely hated the title of the album. All I can say is that it reflected the time. It may not be great by his standards today but it was perfect for then.


> 9. From all the years you’ve known Kid Rock did you ever imagine that one day he would go from rap to recording and performing country songs?

Hell no! his diversity is the reason why he’ll be around for a long time.


> 10. Finally do you have any current projects you would like to mention?

Well, my personal journal website tells my entire story. I’m also addicted to myspace, because of the interaction with fans. You can find me at I love photography and filmmaking. I just put together a video editing suite and plan on directing documentaries and indi films. I’m a true artist!

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