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Frequently Asked Questions


About Extreme Kid Rock:

Who owns this site?

The site is owned by John from England.

Do you know Kid Rock personally?

No, none of us know Kid Rock personally although John was lucky enough to meet Kid Rock at the VIP after-party at Kid Rock’s show in London, June 2008. CLICK HERE to read about my experience.

Is this the official Kid Rock site?

No, Extreme Kid Rock is not the official Kid Rock website. The official website is located at . Extreme Kid Rock is an unofficial website which is totally independent of Kid Rock, his management and his record company.

What do you get for running the site?

We are not on Kid Rock’s payroll (unfortunately haha!) We run the site because we are huge fans and want to create the ultimate Kid Rock resource for other “extreme” Kid Rock fans!

Why are there adverts on the website?

We run adverts on the website to help cover the costs of hosting the website. Don’t worry though, we aren’t making a fortune from the adverts, in fact the money we make from the adverts barely covers the costs of hosting. If we were doing this to “make money” we would have given up a long time ago. We do this because we are huge Kid Rock fans and enjoying keeping the Kid Rock community up to date with the latest news.

Do you need any extra help running the site?

Although we don’t need any new additions to the Extreme Kid Rock team we need as much help as we can get. You can contribute to the site by sending us news that we haven’t yet reported, mp3s and videos of rare/live performances and missing lyrics from the ‘Lyrics and Audio’ section of the site. You can also help us by spreading word of the site, if you have your own website or blog please link to us. We have our own links section so feel free to submit your site to us and we will link to you.

Without the contributions of visitors, running the site would be so much harder. Although we sometimes might not reply to your emails or credit you on the site we DO appreciate all your contributions and thank you for them. Keep them coming!


About Kid Rock:

What is Kid Rock's real name?

Kid Rock’s real name is Robert James Ritchie. His friends call him “Bob.”

When and where was Kid Rock born?

Kid Rock was born on January 17th 1971 in Romeo, Michigan.

How many albums has Kid Rock sold?

In 2013 the figure stood at approximately 25 million albums worldwide.

When is Kid Rock gonna play a show in my town?

This is a very common question which unfortunately we can very rarely answer. All the latest Kid Rock tour dates are reported on our news page as soon as we know about them. Basically we find out about them at the same time everybody else does.

Kid Rock has a tattoo on his arm saying 'Paul'. Who is Paul?

Paul is Kid Rock’s cousin who committed suicide.

How can I contact Kid Rock?

We have no contact with Kid Rock. The only suggestion we can offer is to look for an email address on his official website.

When is Kid Rock's next album coming out?

Keep checking our news for all the latest info on a new Kid Rock album & single.

This is just an unofficial fan site. For Kid Rock's official website
please visit