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So Hott Sisters Interview

The following interview was conducted in May 2009:

 1. What influenced you on entering the entertainment business?

Shelley: Being a professional cheerleader allowed me to develop an appreciation for the entertainment industry and I’ve always had a passion for TV journalism. So I was naturally drawn to the broadcasting and entertainment business.


2. What were your common interests growing up with your sister and how much has changed since taking different career paths?

Shelley: Our interests were always very similar. Cheerleading, boys, annoying each other and hopefully somewhere along the way, making our parents proud. Our career paths have also been somewhat intertwined. When Becky was modeling for Playboy or Maxim, I would show up with my cameraman to cover the photo shoots. Then when I became a producer and she became an aesthetician, I would use her expertise in the fashion and beauty industry to shape my storylines. Even now I’ll call her and ask her what the new fashion buzzword is and instantly she’s able to spice up my script.


3. Have you ever pretended to be your sister by using your similarities to your advantage?

Shelley: Yes! Once I used Becky’s college ID and took one of her final exams for her. She told me that she hadn’t been to class in a month and she never bothered to buy the book. She was worried about failing the final. I offered to take the exam for her but only if I could choose any 3 items from her wardrobe to keep. Becky agreed but she said that if I failed the exam I’d have to give the clothes back…. I got a B- on the exam and I took her best jeans, jacket and handbag!


4. What pursued you on entering the Kid Rock ‘So Hott Correspondence’ contest?

Shelley: Becky saw the announcement on her MySpace page and suggested I submit a video. I thought it would be more fun if we entered together as a team. I arranged for us to film in a production studio where I knew the camera crew. As soon as I described the content of the video, we had plenty of male volunteers eager to help out. The next thing we knew, we were dancing on the news anchor’s desk in scantily clad attire. If any of the supervisors would have walked in, everyone would have been fired on the spot! Of course it was the guys idea for us to bust open our blouses and dance on the table but being the entertainers that we are….putting on a show was half the fun!… I swear that studio will never be the same ….And well, you know the rest.


5. To those who may think that the contest was ‘fixed’, what would you like to say to them?

Shelley: NOBODY was more shocked than Becky and I when we won! Winning the contest was really not our focus; it was always about having fun. I’ve never laughed as hard in my life as I did the night we filmed that first video. There were several great video entries and we knew anything could happen once they opened up the voting lines. Just reading all the buzz on the status of the contest had both of us cracking up 24/7. We would text each other with hourly updates on where we stood in the running. Even when we got the call from Kid Rock’s manager, we thought for sure it was a prank! Becky and I are not afraid of failing and we love a challenge. Winning was just the icing on the cake. It’s not often in life when you get to have your cake and eat it too… we’re very grateful!


6. How much work and preparation goes into making a ‘Kid Rock News’ video?

Shelley: Me, Becky and our cameraman, Bill, make up the Kid Rock News correspondent team. Establishing the concept; writing the scripts, storyboarding the timeline, creating a shot list, managing the studio props; and coordinating our wardrobe, all need to be done before we ever film a single clip. The on location filming that is done on the road is the part that most people are familiar with. This is basically the highlight of our job. Then when we get back to New York we usually have to film the wrap around footage in the studio before we can start the editing process. All of the footage needs to be input into the editing system and then carefully reviewed. Bill and I piece together a rough draft video that includes everything except the final audio tweaks, color correction and graphics. Once we’ve all approved the rough draft, Bill finishes up the tweaks and starts the output process. It’s a lot of work for a three person team, but getting paid to do what you love is really what it’s all about. I often feel incredibly blessed for this opportunity…. And the rockstar perks aren’t too bad either!


7. Which of your videos has been your favorite and most memorable one to shoot thus far?

Shelley: My two favorites are… First, the All Summer Long behind the scenes video because it was such a privilege to be working alongside the big shot film crew that was shooting the actual All Summer Long Music Video. Playing the part as one of the “party girls” on the boat was fun too. After that weekend I was able check “rock video ho” off my bucket list! Fo Show!

Second, was the party bus video because we were up till 5am filming on Kid Rock’s tour bus and I’ll just leave the rest to your imagination…. but it was one wild and rocklicious ride!


8. What was it like meeting Kid Rock & the Twisted Brown Trucker band?

Shelley: It’s just like you imagined it would be… only better! Livin’ the dream baby…. livin’ the dream! Personally and professionally, it’s been a pleasure to know Kid Rock and the TBT.


9. How big of a Kid Rock fan were you before the contest and how different is it now since winning it?

Becky: I have always been a huge Kid Rock fan! If Kid Rock was a category on Jeopardy it would be the only time that I could get every answer right! After winning the contest and going on tour I developed a true appreciation for his live performances. None of this computer generated music or lip synching, this is a real rock & roll concert made with instruments the way it’s supposed to sound! He NEVER disappoints!!


10. What is your favorite Kid Rock song?

Becky: Hardest question on the list! I love American Badass because it’s classic Kid Rock and lets face it, he is the American Badass! But when he sings Bawitdaba at every concert it takes me back to the first time I saw him live at Woodstock 99! The crowd is just as pumped now as they were 10 yrs ago…gives me tingles every time!!


11. What characteristics do you think are most important for having a fulfilling life?

Becky: A positive attitude. I believe that dreams DO come true with hard work and determination (KR is the perfect example of this!). I believe we create our own experiences, good or bad, and should learn from them. I believe you should take life by the balls and get whatever it is you want out of it…BRING IT ON!


12. How do you maintain an amazing looking physique?

Becky: I work out at a high performance training facility called the H.I.T. Center. My trainer works with a lot of NFL players so she kicks my butt every time!


13. Name the most daring thing someone once asked you to do?

Becky: I never kiss and tell but if you see me, dare me, because who knows what I’ll do!


14. If you were to have your own line of product in the market someday, what would it be?

Becky: I’m an Aesthetician so I would love to have my own skin care line. The Model in me has some great ideas on a swim suit line…I’m a big fan of the itsy bitsy bikini but only if its done right. What about a Kid Rock calendar featuring his hottest fans…hhmmm, So Hott Sisters on the cover?


15. From modeling, hosting shows, cheerleading and more, are there any goals in life left that you wish to accomplish?

Becky: Absolutely! I hope to meet my Prince Charming some day and have a fabulous family!


16. Finally, do you have any current projects you would like to mention to the visitors?

Becky: The “So Hott” Sisters have lots of surprises planned for the Kid Rock community! So check back often to get your ROCK on! I’ll only give one hint. It’s going to be another steamy SO HOTT SUMMER!!

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