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Kenny Olson Interview

The following email was conducted via email in July 2005.

1. THEOTHERCONNIE asks: Kenny, when did you first start playing guitar and what or who inspired you to do so?

Kenny Olson: I was 10 years old when I first started playing. I have been influenced by so many great musicians, but when I was very little and first heard Jimi Hendrix – I knew my calling.


2. CANDY LOHNER asks: How did you get hooked up with Kid Rock?

Our friendship goes way back – when I moved back to Detroit area in the early 90’s is when we hooked up (right after the ‘Northridge’ earthquake had fooked my apartment in Los Angeles)


3. KIMMY asks: What is your relationship with the Hendrix family?

They are family to me and have been very supportive with my career.


4. STEPHANIE MEYERS asks: Who are you closest to in Twisted Brown Trucker?

I love them all.


5. STACEY asks: If you could put together a band with anyone alive or passed on, who would it be?

Me – Tom Waits – Bootsy Collins – Miles Davis – John Bonham – Chaka Khan


6. JIM DAY asks: What’s going on with your signature guitar from Gibson? What kind of distinguishing features will it have? Did getting a signature model influence your move more toward Gibsons (Les Pauls, Firebird) from Strats?

It’s very cool and old school – the color, the body the inlay are beautiful – the electronics kick ass it’s offered with a bigsby. Yes I still play my old Strats, Firebirds, Les Pauls


7. SHANNON asks: What was it like working with Kid Rock?

We have accomplished a lot together over the years. It has been a crazy roller coaster ride.


8. LINDA asks: Kenny, if you could sit down and have a long conversation with anyone (dead or alive) who would you choose, and why?

Jesus – to find out what’s going on with this crazy world. If not I’d like to sit down and talk with Jimi or Salvador Dali.


9. RAMONA asks: How did ‘Pack of Wolves’ come into being?

I have been writing and working on songs for years – Shannon my drummer, and I have been looking for a good old school kick ass Rock N’ Roll singer – we found Chris, then Adam the bassist and here we are.


10. ROBIN asks: Hi Kenny. My 15 year old son displays great talent with the guitar. What are the best tips you can offer? Do you recommend instruction or just practice?

Find a good teacher can show a variety of skills & cool chords etc, – that would be great starting place. Listen to good music for inspiration, old blues records, Miles Davis, Hendrix, many of the other great guitar players that are out there to listen to. Most important be original and start writing songs and practice, start a band!


11. SHAUN RYDER asks: Is “Hazy Past” the only solo Kenny Olson track ever mass produced on CD?

No there’s more – one of these days I’ll put stuff up on my web site for you all to hear.. (Mr.LoTech that I am),


12. LISA AKA KLASSY1971 asks: Hey Kenny! Besides all of the fame and glory that you already have, what more out of life do you want for yourself? Lots of luv to ya!

I’ve only just begun – I have a lot music to get out and be heard, my time has come to put it out there. Most important to me is, my family, friends and fans and for my body mind and spirit to stay on flight.


13. SCOTT KEITH asks: One of my favorite and possibly most underrated songs from you guys (Kid Rock and TBT) is ‘Abortion’, however I’ve never heard of you ever playing that song live before. I was wondering if you ever recall having played that song before or after you all made it big?

Yes I believe back in the day we played that song at least once in a medley.


14. JOHN asks: What are your hobbies outside of music?

Family and friends come first – then Antiques, Old Guitars, Motor Cycles, old Cars – shooting pool, golf, fishing, the outdoors and the inner city seedy bars.


15. MARK asks: What is your favorite Kid Rock song to play?

All the rockers, although “Only God Knows Why” and “Picture” are some of my favorites.


16. CARTMAN asks: How successful are you expecting ‘Pack of Wolves’ to be?

I want to help save Rock N’ Roll.


17. SUZIE asks: How much input did you have on Kid Rock’s CDs?

A lot of heart and soul.


18. RONNY asks: What would you say to the fans who are upset that you chose to leave Twisted Brown Trucker after so many years together?

I’m sure they would understand if they knew all the reasons and I hope what they will take to what I have instore for them all!


19. CHRISTINE P asks: What is your favorite memory while with Bob and the band?

There are so many that I could not pick one, we have been through and seen so much together throughout the years – they are family.


20. FLYSLIMMY asks: Do you have any plans to ever return to Twisted Brown Trucker or do some guest appearances?

Only God Knows…time will tell.


Finally, do you have any final words for the fans? Any current projects you would like to mention or promote? When can we expect to see the “Pack of Wolves” album in stores?

My family, friends and fans are what keep’s me going – all the love and support I have received over the years especially from the fans has meant the world to me.

There are lots of cool projects I have been working on, that I can’t wait to unveil. I recently did a track, “I Love You More Than You’ll Ever Know”, with Mick Hucknall (Simply Red), Les Paul and Joe Perry that is being released on a special LES PAUL TRIBUTE CD by EMI at the end of August. In the fall Gibson will make available my ‘signature model’ as the first in a new line/series of Custom guitars. The Pack Of Wolves album is pretty much done, although I may be adding a very special guest to it, with whom you are all very familiar, the CD will be out together with a tour to support this in the USA in the fall, then off to Europe and Japan in early 2006.

I am also very thrilled to be working with Detroit’s own , DIRTY AMERICANS, we are writing together and have I have just started cutting/producing tracks for their next CD in my studio. I am also looking forward to working with a couple of artists that I have I totally believe in, their talent is undeniable – singer/songwriter – JODY RAFFOUL and MARCEL originally from Michigan, currently living in Nashville.

I am also a partner in a new record label, ‘Takes The Biscuit’, which I am really excited about! We will offer bands true ‘artist development’, like labels used to back in the day, if we believe in an artist we will stick with them. We will also take advantage of a lot of new technology out there and be doing some serious online marketing, (in conjunction with I.E.Marketing and their i-Squad Street Team program). We already have several acts signed, as soon as I can tell you more I will!

Thanks again to YOU, the fans for all your love and support –

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