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Kirk Dubb Interview

The following interview was conducted via email in April 2007.

Interviewed by Ronny

Kirk Dubb: What up Ronny! Just sat down w/ whats left of my Rainer Beer 12 pack…

1 – Tell us a about yourself and what inspired you to enter the music business?

I’m Seldom Seen and Seldom Sober, I gamble too much, and I rhyme. I come from the land of Jimi Hendrix, Nirvana and Sir Mixalot, coming from here it would be hard not to be inspired.


2 – If a group of youths were interested in hearing what a Kirk Dubb record sounds like, would you be concerned of the message it would send them?

Thats some funny shit Ronny ha, I don’t get into all that Ronny, but now that you mentioned it though, tell the youths not to take any message from me, this way of life is not good for you. It just works for me but believe me its taking its toll on me and my boys. I’m getting kickbacks from my liver doctor. Tell em my insides look about like Keith Richards does on the outside. I’m just putting down how I live on record and its pretty much a nonstop party.


3 – Considering your approach when writing music that is mostly based on alcohol , is it a challenge coming up with new rhymes while maintaining the same style of sound?

Coming up w/ rhymes is easy for me, there is always a fresh new rhyme at the bottom of every Rainier can, bottle or glass and I’m always drinkin’ I’m more into drinking than Tiger Woods is into golfing and I’m racing to bars like I’m Dale Jr. racing cars. Thats just me. Look up Alcohol in your thesaurus and my name will be listed.


4 – How much must a person drink to be featured in a Drunkard Of The Month magazine?

I never counted the empties. Myself, I worked hard for years to accomplish that feat and finally all the hard work paid off. I have not stopped celebrating that Drunk of the Month since I got it. My man Brooks from Mad TV did a video on that drunkard of the month that you can find on You Tube just type Kirk Dubb into the search.


5 – What are some of your hobbies when sober?

Sober??? I can’t remember the last time I did drink or the last time I didn’t, but my hobbies are Playin’ the Horses, Bangin’ chicks, Smokin’ cigars, and watching A&E’s television show “Intervention”.


6 – Having the same mindset, did you meet Mister Holmes at the bar, and how would you describe your friendship with him?

I met Mister Holmes through our producer Dynomite D. ( Beastie Boys Four Fly Guys ) Holmes rapped a couple verses on my Booze & Madness album too. We don’t hang too much he’s got alot going on. If Holmes aint running his Electrical business, he’s playing hockey, beating people up in his martial arts classes, hanging w/ a new girlfriend or shooting his guns. Holmes is a cool cat, we talk alot but we hardly hang out at all.


7 – When did you first meet Kid Rock?

I met Kid Rock in 1997.


8 – What was your favorite moment of an old school Kid Rock show from back in the day?

Slammin’ Shots of Jager that Uncle Krackers dad Sunny Money bought me w/ his knot of 100 dollar bills. Krackers dad is cool as all hell.


9 – How were you involved in working with Kid Rock that got you credit on the Devil Without A Cause cd booklet?

Rock heard my demo back in 1997 he dug it, even offered to fly me to Detroit to open up for him. I was not doing shows back then. I went back there anyways. He talked of signing me to Top Dog and started a remix for my song “This is it” from Booze & Madness. I spent a week at his house and that was the week of the State Theatre show he got signed by Atlantic at that show. He got signed and all talks of signing me stopped and he’s been Kid Rockin’ it all over the world ever since. When I got back, my friend Concave Dave and I faxed him some pages of lyrics for his album, he used a couple lines and thanks both of us on Devil. Rock’s a generous guy and always been cool to me, I see him when he comes through Seattle.


10 – Finally, do you have any final words or upcoming projects you would like to mention to our visitors?

I’m workin’ on my new solo Kirk Dubb album now. This album is being produced by Grammy winning producer Art Hodge and Pat Benolkin. Art did 4 tracks on Holmes and I’s “Thirsty” album and the new album is gonna be my best work yet. Got some good shit going on this one that I’m really excited about.

The 12 pack is finished…

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