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Meeting Kid Rock

Read about my experience meeting Kid Rock in 2008

So last night was my first ever Kid Rock show. I was expecting a great night, but what followed was, in a word, unbelievable.

I had been contacted by Kid Rock’s management prior to the show and they had arranged for me to get a backstage pass as a thank you for running Extreme Kid Rock which was really awesome of them!

So, I (with my bro) got the venue at about 6.45pm, doors didn’t open till 7. I had the number of someone to call (I’m not gonna name him in case he doesn’t want me to) to get me backstage before the show. I tried calling him as soon as I got to the venue but it went straight to the answerphone. I decided to go queue up straight away, because the balcony was unreserved seating and I wanted to make sure I had the perfect seat for the show. The doors opened at 7 I was pretty close to the front of the queue and ended up with great seats on the second row of the balcony, pretty central.

I tried calling my contact twice more from inside the venue, both times it went straight to the answerphone so I left a message and hoped he would get back to me. Rock was due on at 9pm and as the time drew closer (there was no opening act btw) I realised my chances of going backstage before the show were getting smaller and smaller, but I wasn’t too disappointed because the way I saw it I was there for the show, anything else would be a bonus.

So at 9 the show started. Let me just say I was absolutely blown away. Kid & TBT absolutely rocked the place and the crowd were so into them! I couldn’t believe how well the crowd knew the words to the songs, including Half Your Age – I thought they would only of known the better known songs.

The setlist included (but the order is way out after the first 3)

Rock N Roll Jesus
Welcome To The Party
Tush (ZZ Top cover)
Band intro (Son of Detroit music)
American Bad Ass
Devil Without a Cause
All Summer Long inc. Sweet Home Alabama
Drift Away
3 Sheets To The Wind (Kid did turntables, guitar and drums, not keys.)
So Hott
Fuck You One More Time (Kid did this acoustically)
Half Your Age
This Little Light of Mine

The notable omissions were Amen, Only God Knows Why and You Never Met a Motherfucker Quite Like Me

The show was so amazing. My only complaint was that it didn’t go on longer…..oh and also it wasn’t the full 11piece TBT band which would of been cool but TBT still absolutely rocked.

You could tell the fans left wanting more…..hopefully Kid will be back here soon.

Anyway, so I’m heading to the exit and my phone starts ringing, it’s Kid’s manager and he tells me to meet him at the first level bar. He gives me and my bro wrist bands and we go into the bar and have a chat, about various things such as Extreme Kid Rock and Kid Rock’s success in Germany. He’s a really cool guy. He said he would introduce Bob to me later on……..WOW.

So me and my bro hang out in the bar for a bit, there was probably like 30-40 people in there including some celebrities. It was unreal, I couldn’t believe I was a VIP guest at an after party. Rock came up like 20 minutes later and was hanging out in the bar mingling with various people. TBT came up later, I saw them all hanging out in there except Stef and I didn’t see the back-up singers either. Me and my bro were just totally in awe……I couldn’t believe I was in the same room as all these people.

Then a little later, Kid’s manager calls me over and introduces me to Kid Motherfucking Rock, WOW. He was really cool and so down-to-earth. I told him the show was unbelieveable and it had been my first time. We spoke for like 5-10 minutes about various things such as how I became a fan, All Summer Long being successful and how the album was climbing, Itunes and the new song “Warrior” which Kid told me is Jackson, Miss with new lyrics! Me and my bro got a pic with him and he said “I know where that will be in 20 minutes” LOL. He then signed my Rock N Roll Jesus booklet. Me and my bro finished our drinks and then said bye to Kid’s manager and Kid Rock himself, they both thanked me for the support…..I shook Kid’s hand and said come back soon yea?…….he said he will!

I left the place totally buzzin, it was an incredible experience and one I will never forget. AWESOME!!

Big thanks to Kid’s management for arranging it and for Kid Rock himself for taking the time to talk to me and my bro and be so cool!

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