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MGK Talks About His Collaboration With Kid Rock

Machine Gun Kelly (MGK) recently spoke to Billboard about his collaboration with Kid Rock called ‘Bad Muthafucka’ which will appear on his upcoming album ‘General Admission’. When the two first met, according to MGK, Rock exclaimed, “Holy shit, man, I’m looking at me 20 years ago.” MGK added with a smile: “When he said that, that was the coolest night ever.”

Here is a 6 second preview of the song:

MGK also had the following to say about the collaboration:

They surprised me with the whole moment. We had went on a week listening spree of Devil Without A Cause at our house and we had also been in an inspired stage, so we had instruments out around the house, keyboards was on and so we had randomly started coming up with this little guitar bit that was “Bad Muthafucka.” I started having this thought, “It just sounds like we’re trying to be Kid Rock too much and we’re not. I don’t think this is gonna work.” So we just kind of put that to the side, but management had heard it and other friends had heard it and everyone was like, “This song is huge, you gotta do it.” Getting Kid Rock on the song wasn’t even a thought to me because that just seemed way too complicated and out of reach, so the song sat there for like a year and a half. Then right as we were closing the album out they brought me in the studio and they’re like, “We got a surprise.” They pressed play, “Bad Muthafucka” started playing and I was like, “Goddammit, turn this off, I’m not doing this fucking song.” Then out of nowhere Kid Rock starts singing and I was like, “Holy shit.” I stood up on the couch, we were fucking screaming, we busted open a whole 12-pack, poured shots, got high as fuck and I wrote all of my verses on the spot right there and that was the last song submitted for the album.

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