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Mom And Dad I Use Drugs Lyrics

Get up and then you get, get down
Kid Rock, bitch, I’m gonna break it on down
I’m never slippin, I’m always pimpin
And I ain’t going out like OJ Simpson

I got a stain on my brain it won’t go away
Some say I’m trash and just another throw away
Kid, huh,
Cause now I got the whole world singing my songs

And on and on is how the beat goes
I rip a show and then I pimp backstage and I freak hoes
Kid Rock, ain’t got no hair on my chest
Still I’m the best in the whole fucking midwest

Send me your address, I’ll swing by
Call a few friends, I’ll get your whole fuckin crew high
Cause I’m just cool like that
Fuck a diggalble planet, I ain’t a fool like that

Hardcore Hip Hop Heavy Metal junkie
Give me some acid, watch me get funky
Sucker MCs get annilated
When I rock the house with my pupils dialated

Another slam dunk, I got the grand funk
So get your ass in the pit and just slam, punk
Rambunctious is how I’m acting
And when the music stops the crowds’ ears keep clapping

In an uproar, I’m making them want more
And when the encore comes I’ll give it a “What for?”
MCs – I lay em out like rugs
Screaming real loud mom and dad, I use drugs

Uh huh

Now I been rhyming since I was thirteen
At sixteen I said fuck that work scene
Said fuck high school and drank Jim Beam
I got my first record deal at eighteen

In New York I learned to be real rude
Eat steak while your ass ate bird food
I kept that Detroit attitude
And when I turned nineteen I was touring with Ice Cube

And my nigga Too $hort
Who remembers Kid Rock cutting records in the newports?
I paid the price, I rolled the dice
Then I got mad props from my home boy D-Nice

Kid Rock, I got the sex rhymes
Kid Rock, I got the sex rhymes
Kid Rock, I got the sex rhymes

It aint the Price Is Right and I aint no clown
But I’ll be turning tricks as I come on down
And lick that pussy like a blow pop
You’ll be screaming out loud Kid Rock “don’t stop”
(I wanna swallow your cock)
And you don’t stop

Aw shit, thats how it goes
Kid Rock, ya know I got the ho ho ho
And I aint even Santa Clause
But I’m giving you a gift so drop them draws

Hoes, hookers, and all you sluts
Get a piece of the rock and then suck these nuts
I’m making hoes whine like a kettle
Working that ass up and down like my wah wah pedal

So settle down as I freak the funk
Cause I speak my mind like the family drunk
With the metal and the funk, I’m the shit, g
New shit next month on a bootleg EP

Who’s in the motherfuckin house?

Mt. Clemens is in the house
Roseville’s in the house
East Detroit is in the house
Saint Clair Shores is in the house
Romeo’s in the house
New Haven’s in the house
New Baltimore’s in the house
South Gate is in the house
Dearborn is in the house
Garden City’s in the house
Taylor’s in the house
Monroe is in the house
Toledo’s in the house
All Down River’s in the house
Shelby’s in the house
Sterling Heights is in the house
Warren’s in the house
Bookmyact is in the house
Waterford is in the house
Birmingham is in the house
Livonia’s in the house
Ferndale’s in the house
Detroit is in the house
Royal Oak’s kinda in the house
Indonesia’s in the house
Indonesia’s in the house
Indonesia’s in the house

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