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Paradime is on the turntables in Twisted Brown Trucker


What Kid Rock says:

“I needed someone that knew a little bit about hip-hop to back me up on vocals – do some scratching and eat a lot to fill the Uncle Kracker position. He set the mold. He’s got a great vocabulary and he’s getting a good song structure down. The last tour we rode in my bus and I was listening to a lot of country music, and it’s funny because his DJ would call him up and he’d be sitting by himself and somehow CMT would get left on and his DJ would always get pissed and be like, “Dude, what’s that in the background, what are you listening to?”



Detroit native Paradime, born Freddie Beauregard, has been a force on the Detroit music scene well before it’s emergence in to the world’s lime-light. Although his first release in 1991 was sold only out of his trunk, and only collected a few hundred sales, it marked the start of the career of Detroit’s own Microphone Bully.

Discovered by rock/rapper Kid Rock in 1995 in a Detroit studio, Paradime was taken under Rock’s wing and played small club dates and bars with Rock and honed his live performance with the soon to be super-star.

In 1998 Paradime formed his own independent label, “Beats at Will,” and released his first solo album in ’99 entitled Paragraphs. Local press referred to it as a Detroit classic, and it was named the top selling independent album in Detroit in ’99-’00 by the Detroit Music Retailers Collective. Paradime’s second album Vices, didn’t have any problem carrying the weight that Paragraphs created. Featuring Multi-Platinum artists Uncle Kracker and Eminem’s group D12, Vices blazed cross-country receiving critical acclaim. Dime won two Detroit Music Awards in 2001 for “Best Hip Hop Artist,” and “Outstanding Live Performer,” and then followed up in the 2002 DMA’s with three awards including “Best Hip Hop Artist,” “Outstanding Live Performer,” and the coveted “Album of the Year” for Vices. He took home Real Detroit Magazine’s “Hip Hop Artist of the Year” three years in a row from ’99-’02, and recently received “Solo Artist of the Year” from the first annual Detroit Hip Hop Awards. His release party for Vices changed Detroit’s Hip Hop scene forever when 1,700 fans packed the legendary State Theater, and guests included Kid Rock, Eminem, D12, Uncle Kracker, Obie Trice and more.

In 2004, Dime released “11 Steps Down,” which features both Kid Rock and Uncle Kracker.

His writing and performance skills showed up on the Double Platinum debut by Uncle Kracker, DoubleWide, where he co-wrote two songs and appeared on “Heaven” with Uncle Kracker and Kid Rock. He also co-wrote two songs on Kid Rock’s Multi-Platinum Cocky, and is in the studio working on Rock’s upcoming project. Rock also hired Paradime on as the full-time DJ and hypeman in his band, taking Uncle Kracker’s spot.

To truly get the feel of Dime’s power and charisma, one only needs to see him live. Dime commands crowds with powerful, foul, and funny lyrics over a live band. No rock/rap here, just live Hip Hop beats. His shows are amazing, and offer a view into his twisted comedic and aggressive mind. A trip no one will soon forget.

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