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Paradime Interview

The following interview was conducted via email in May 2005.

1. BROWNIE SUE asks: Did you choose the name Paradime because you want to serve as a pattern or model which is one definition of the word paradigm?

I actually was trippin’ my balls off back in 93, and was listenin’ to Soundgarden’s “Searching With My Good Eye Closed” and one of the lines was, “looking for a paradigm so I can pass it off.” And I didn’t know what the hell he was talkin’ about, so my stoned ass looked it up in a dictionary. So after I read the definition, I thought it was a perfect name for me, cuz yea I wanted to be a pattern or model, but it’s also something that changes the way people think about somethin’.


2. BEASTCREW asks: What do you think you bring different on the turntables and vocals than Uncle Kracker when performing at a live show?

Well, I’m much sexier. He has way better hair though. Hahaha.. No foreel, I tried to mimic Kracker’s pieces of TBT, because he was the shit as Rock’s DJ, and I didn’t want shit to change too much and rock the boat. Now that I been at the spot for 2-3 years, I add my own shit in like more percussion etc, but bottom line is that he was the man, still
is, and I’m juss up there to make Rock and TBT sound right, so whatever I gotta do to do that? I’m doin.


3. SARENA asks: When you are cuttin’ and hypin’ it up on the turntables with Rock, which records are you using?

Mainly scratch records and breakbeats, but I use Run DMC Beats to the Rhymes on one scratch, and DJ Swamp’s Waxcraft for a lot of others. Sometimes I put on a Lawrence Welk record and just zone out and work on my big band ideas too.


4. HIGHVOLTAGE asks: How did you feel about Kid Rock dissin’ Nas on your record?

Well, I never released that version officially, but when we did it we was drunk as shit, and Nas had said some shit about Rock, and Rock don’t give a fuck who’s who, so he said some shit back. Listen, I love Nas, but Bobby’s my BOY, and my family, he can say whatever the fuck he wants and I got him. Plus neither I nor Rock remember that night anyway so it doesn’t count.


5. CHRIS asks: What is your favorite part about being on the road?

Catering, Booze, Afternoon naps, Catering, drinking, um…. Lets see what else, oh! Catering, and beer mostly.

No, foreel, the 2 hours we spend on stage, and catering too.


6. LISA AKA KLASSY1971 asks: Set aside from music and fame, what is it now that you want for yourself? I had the pleasure to meet you last summer and you are truly a fine gentleman and I was greatly impressed.

That couldn’t have been me. I woulda stole your purse and impregnated your neighbor’s Golden Retriever then smacked your mailman, and peed in your bushes.

But foreel? What I want for myself, is to keep doin this shit till I fall down and die, even though I hope I don’t fall down when I die, it would hurt.


7. DORIS SHERMAN asks: What’s it like working with Kid Rock?

Who is Kid Rock?

Ohhhhh, I think I know who yer talkin about. Long hair? Glittery Uncle Sam suit? Singer guy? Yea, he’s the man. Most talented cat I ever met, I learn from him all the time especially after 3am.


8. CATWOMAN (JEN JUDD) asks: What is the coolest thing that has ever happened to you?

Hmmmm… Probably playing the superbowl, and just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, Janet Jackson’s titty popped up and my day was complete.


9. KIDROCK12XP (SCOTT) asks: Do you see yourself staying with TBT or do you think you’ll be going off doing your own thing after a while like Kracker did?

Man, I’m stayin’. I already made it clear to every label I’ve spoken to that I’m stayin’ in TBT, so work around it. I love these cats, well all of ’em except Julison, I can barely understand what that kid’s sayin’ half the time, fuckin’ hippy. No, I love him too, but not in a homoistic way, more like a “Aaron shut up” way.


10. ALL4KIDROCK asks: What is your favorite song on ‘11 Steps Down’?

Hmmmm, I don’t really know, I think probably “No Good for U” or “No More” those songs mean shit to me more than the others where I’m just bangin’ whores and beating up rappers. But I do like whores and beating up rappers still.


11. UNDERD asks: How much are you involved in the writing process of Kid Rock songs? Will you be a part of the Kid Rock/Uncle Kracker rap album that has in the works for a while now?

It all depends. If I’m around and there’s writing goin’ on, I’m in. The ones I did write on I sat there with Kracker and Rock and we all juss threw ideas in till we had a masterpiece. As far as their rap project goes, if they do it, I’ll be involved, or I’m not buyin’ them Christmas presents that year.


12. JOEY asks: What do you listen to other than hip hop and rap?

Shit man, anything good. Right now I’m in an old R&B phase, 102.7 here in Detroit is my shit. But I’m not feelin’ a lot of new shit except some chosen few. I love Chicago, Steely Dan, Elton John, Bill Withers, Stevie Wonder etc, good music. And anything Jimmie Bones tells me is cool. Next question???


13. ANNIE asks: Is it true Jimmie Bones is the coolest one in the band?

Man, don’t u guys really pay attention to what’s going on? There has been a trick being played on you for years, ever since TBT started! THERE IS NO JIMMIE BONES! He is a fictional character from old Detroit Music Mythology. Have you ever noticed that if u look at pictures of the band that there’s a different guy in every keyboard picture? One dude has slicked back blond hair and glasses, one guy has a bob cut, one guy has a train conductor hat on, these can’t all be the same person! JIMMIE BONES DOES NOT EXIST PEOPLE! And if he did he’d know too much useless musical trivia and his brain would explode from the pressure. The coolest person in the band is probably Shakes.


14. ROMEO asks: Hey Dime! Was curious as to what are some of your other interests and hobbies besides music?

I like long walks in the park with married women, I enjoy needle point, and gardening. No, I’m just kidding, I wouldn’t ever take the married women on a walk. My whole shit is music. When I’m at home I write and make beats, when I go out, I do shows. I love sports, food, women, drugs, booze, and music gives me access to em all, plus needle point and ballroom dancing.


15. TRACY P asks: How do you feel now that Kid Rock has more Southern Rock, do you get a little bored waiting to throw a little mix in there?

I love all that shit. I’m always involved and at the same energy level thru the whole show, and if there’s nothing for me to touch on, I stare at the strippers asses or throw beer cans at Julison’s head.


16. MAGGZ asks: If you were stuck on an island and could only keep 5 CD’s to listen to, what would they be?

Fleetwood Mac’s Greatest Hits, John Legend’s Get Lifted, Cocky, Elton John’s Greatest hits, and one blank CD so I could go buy shit off I Tunes on the desert’s computer and get some wacked out shit like Exile “I Wanna Kiss u all Over”


17. RAFA FROM POLAND asks: What do you like drinking?

Rafa from Poland?? Holy shit! I thought Clarkston was far. Goddamn Rafa! Anywhoo, I like drinking beer, or Vodka and sodawater. And sometimes water, but only if I’m desperate.


18. JOHN asks: What is the highlight of your career so far?

Buying a house off music, and a car and shit. That’s my highlight. LIVING off it. That’s all I ever asked for. Gettin paid for what I love. So it was either this or prostitution or being a Jager Girl, and they denied me immediately.


19. SANDRA NEWSOM BROWN asks: Are there any artists you want to record a song with? And why?

I think I did who I want so far. Rock, Kracker, Tash, maybe Jay Z, or Michael Jackson if he promised to not invite me over to drink Jesus Juice and play.


20. KIDROCKMUSIC asks: Has any work been done on the upcoming Kid Rock album?

Yea, we’re workin’ on it. Who are u our moms? Stop nagging me mom! I was gonna do it today! Geez! Don’t you ever have anything nice to say? Fuckin A.

Were on it homie, its gonna be DOPE!


Finally, do you have any final words for the fans? Any current projects you would like to mention?

I’m workin on everything I can, but thanx for the support, and more importantly the drugs. We love you all and can’t wait to get back on the road to give it to yall again.. This shit is great. And stop believing in Jimmie Bones, he’s up there with Santa, the Easter Bunny, and Lonnie Motley.

Peace. Oh and if u didn’t buy my album, go BUY THAT SHIT!

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