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PHOTO: Australian Brothers Starry-Eyed After Meeting Kid Rock

The following is from ‘The Standard’

 IT’S mission accomplished for Warrnambool brothers Aaron and Christopher Gillin.

In May this year the brothers, who suffer from Duchenne muscular dystrophy and are confined to wheelchairs, launched a Facebook campaign to meet American musician Kid Rock when he toured Australia with rock group Bon Jovi.

The campaign came to a close on Saturday night when the brothers were invited backstage to meet their idol after his Melbourne performance.


Aaron was still on cloud nine when he returned home to Warrnambool last night.

“It’s still hard to believe we actually got to meet him,” Aaron told The Standard.

“He was really nice, very easy to talk to. He’s one of the nicest musicians I’ve ever met.

“He sat and talked to us like we were old friends for about 40 minutes.”

Aaron said they had been given email addresses to stay in touch with Kid Rock.

“His manager gave us his email address and Kid said to make sure we keep in touch,” he said.

The boys’ aunt Jan Smith said the night was “better than great”.

Ms Smith said after the meeting they were told Bon Jovi lead singer Jon Bon Jovi had upgraded the boys seats to “right up the front”.

“Bon Jovi said ‘they can’t be all the way up where the wheelchair seats are’, so he arranged to have us moved down the front,” Ms Smith said.

“We were right beside the stage and during the show Bon Jovi looked at the boys and gave them the thumbs up.

“It was a fantastic night, one we all won’t forget.”

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