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Plastic People Lyrics

People are plastic
Aint it funny the way some people act and talk behind your back
One day you’re with your friends chillin on the scene
Next day they’re trying to dick ya with no vaselene
But never blow your stack
Get ya gat and try to buck em off
Don’t get ill just chill and then shrug em off
Cause when the wimp comes down
You’ll see what goes around comes around
And plus no situation’s that drastic
If you always keep cool and remember that

Some people are made of plastic

Now ch-ch-ch-ch-check it out
As I bell and I yell and I tell yall about
The slender gender slick gold diggin pros
You’re cheap you’ll eat out your little sacked out hoes
Like this skirt I once had named Sally
She was a flirt but had a nice sweet valley
I was on her tip, thought she was all mine
And with this chick I spent most of my time
Playin Billy D cause she had the look
then I let her reel me in like a big dumb fish on a hook
And she took all my love and just shrugged it
Then washed all my dirty linen in the public
Spent all my cash, stuck me in a ditch
And I guess this is where I say fuck that bitch
But I didn’t go spastic
I said forget that girl and thought to myself

Some people are made of plastic

Now if it aint one thing then its the other
And maybe growing up I shoulda listened to my mother
Nah on second thought I take it back
Cause I’d probably be a preist or a cheesy top forty act
Dancin and singin lookin like a fruit cake
Keepin up an image just to sell a few tapes
Its all so fake yo man whats up with it
Rhymin to get paid and I just can’t fuck with it
Cause I see all these overnight acts
Lipsyncin on stage with their songs on a dat
With garbage vocals and really good music
But half the time someone else produced it
Did they deserve that smash hit?
Who cares? Just remember that

Some people are made of plastic

Break it down

Now what I’m gonna do right here is give all
you slick shootin cats a little more
to shake your car and piss everyone around you off
So when I drop the beat
Bump the bass

Fuck that first verse radio bullshit
Let me tell you how its really layin

Niggyniggy now I stepped into the party with a limp in my left leg
Grabbed a cup and headed straight for the keg
Pistol in my pocket cause I aint no punk see
And thats when some billy billy badass bumped me
And said “aint you that little rapping gaybob?”
I said yes and tell your bitch thanks for the rimjob
He got pissed cause I dissed his ho
Clinched his fists like he wanted to go
I said yo looky here you little steroid wastecase
You better chill while you still can save face
And sure enough he tried to beef
Before hecould swing I put my gat to his teeth
And said whatcha whatcha whatcha beef son?
He said its cool cheif I aint got one
I just smiled and thought this punks gotta pay
So I copulled my trigger blew his brains out anyway
And that there was his last trip
And thats what you get for being plastic

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