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If I Was President Lyrics

If I was president
Of the good old USA
I’d turn all our churches into strip clubs
and I’d watch the whole world pray
I’d give the working man back his money
and make those dirty fucking politicians pay

To all the women raising our children
I’d give a vacation every year
To our women raising all our children
I’d give them a paid vacation every year
While our good gals are out relaxing
Us daddies will be looking at titties and drinking beer

If I was president
Even for just one day
I’d make the day that Joe C passed away
One of our nation’s new national holidays

If I was president
I swear I’d get the job done
I’d uphold the freedom of speech baby
and our rights to carry guns
I’d give my state of the union address
from a mile high smoking a joint on Air Force One

If I was president
I wouldn’t lie and sneak around
If I Was President
I wouldn’t have sex in the Oval Office and then lie about it all over town
I’d put cameras in the Lincoln bedroom
So the whole nation could watch old rock laying it down

Have Monday night football on every TV
Lynyrd Skynyrd on every radio
and I’d give myself a pay raise
so my good fans never had to pay to see another Kid Rock show again

I like good whiskey
You know I like fine ladies too
I’ve got an awfully bad reputation
For all the fucked up shit that I Do
But I’m so glad to be here
Playing for some of the best fans in the world like you

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