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Tin Can People Lyrics

Tin can people make alotta noise
Awww yeah

Oh, it aint all in the family or Archie Bunker
Gimme’ the mic strike-set because I’m in this mother fucker
It’s about that time, I threw my hat in the ring
It’s to many mother fuckers thinkin’ that they can sin
I gotta’ drop this
Chill while I rock this
Yo, what the fuck you lookin’ at ho, you can’t stop this
Lookin’ at me tryin’ to get what can’t be got
The only thing you might get from me is…shot
Talkin’ that trash, behind my back
But when I’m around you swear up and down, It aint like that
Aint it right boy? You don’t say squat
I bang more skins, than Charlie Watts
You aint right bro, huh, you came wrong with it
You wanna step to this, you come strong with it
So go on with it
You can’t deal with it
I’m from the dog ho, we come real with it

Yessa, Kracker on the mutherfuckin’ mic
One Time

I see you walk that walk trying to fit in
I hear you talk that talk but who you kiddin’?
On a lifestyle talkin of what you can’t see
Well, life aint no auction. So why you biddin’, G?
Now Look at me and tell me

How Sick

Aint nothin’ fake motherfucker im as real as it gets
Now look in the mirror and tell me what you see
You little punk ass bitch boy, wannabe G
See G’s get money, but you gets none
So how the fuck you gonna act like one?
How the fuck you gonna act like one?
If you act like a bitch, you’ll get macked like one

Yes, Yes And you don’t stop. One time for your mind.

I got the crusty voice, im always puffin’ a Winston
I’ll pimp into the party with a fresh ass Winston
Fist in the air, I’ll keep ’em hoppin’.
A foot to a sock, this spots where im rockin’
Rock around stage, like a movin’ duck
And I’ll be rippin’ up the show, and i’ll be rippin up the show,
and I’ll be rippin’ up the shows, not givin’ a fuck
I said I’ll fuck the rest thinkin’, All Get Bent!
Top Dog is the label that I represent
And it’s a proved thing, clicked thing, it’s a hard thing
It’s one of them up and down, from the start things
Check the new swing, It won’t change
I’m on and on, I’m like a crazy chain
Spot like shine when I’m about to rap
Kid Rock he’s in the house, he can vouch for that
I thought ya’ knew
Bitch im the Krack, And I’ll forever be the punk
with the bump in the back

Oh, Let’s ride. Side to side. Tin Can Peep…..Ohh Yeah.
Oh, you mutherfuckin’ Tin Can People. Tin Can People.
Tin Can People . Booooy.
Make Alotta’ noise. X 3

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