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Ty Stone Interview

The following is our exclusive interview with Ty Stone conducted via email in January 2006:

He signed with Kid Rock’s record label ‘Top Dog Records’ last year and is the opening act on Kid Rock’s tour this year. His fanbase continues to grow by the day as he wins over fans and critics alike with his powerful voice. Extreme Kid Rock was lucky enough to get the chance to interview Detroit soul singer TY STONE with all 10 questions coming from YOU the fans. Check out what Ty had to say:

1. maggz: Let’s say your stranded on an island…and you were only allowed to take 5 albums with ya….which ones would you pick?

Thug Life
What’s the Story, Morning Glory?
Motown’s Box set… (Is that cheating?)


2. Stephanie: In addition to being impressed with your music, I have been impressed by the fact that you are a “real person”. You actually interact with your fans by responding to emails, chats etc. Do you think that has contributed to your ever growing fan base?

Oh, thank you very much! I’m a totally normal guy, and I love meeting fans and making friends. I’m down with anyone who has taken the time to appreciate my music.


3. Michelle: In the 10 years you have been working toward this dream…what has kept you getting back on your feet failure after failure? Especially the time when you got so comfortable working on the line for Ford….what motivated you to keep being broke, and singing?

Wow, Michelle, you seem to be really in the know! It just became obvious to me at some point that I was an entertainer. It was a very difficult struggle for a long time, but I also got to go out and rock stages, and make fans and all of that. You can’t buy that stuff, and I really felt blessed and lucky to be able to do that. The good just outweighed the bad!


4. DPG: What were your first impressions of Kid Rock when you guys first met? Have they changed much since?

The day I showed up at Kid Rock’s house, he took my bag and carried it up to my room! I immediately knew that this was a real guy, and I’ve never seen him do anything that might change that opinion of him. Kid Rock is a cool MuthaFucka!


5. John: What was the best thing about living with Kid Rock?

That is a tough question. He and his people are such wonderful hosts. I think the best thing is that all of the refrigerators are all stocked up (like in cribs.) And there is a never ending supply of Coors Light. Plus!!! He has the dopest studio I have ever seen!


6. Kingandy: Which artist, dead or alive, would you most like to collaborate with?

Jesus! :) Oh wait, you said artist! Otis Redding, Tupac, John Cash, Bob Dylan, Kurt Cobain, Uncle Kracker!!!


7. RedzoneCJ: I saw you perform in Birmingham with Kid & TBT, you have an excellent voice, and I enjoyed your performance. My question is, what are your hobbies and interests other than your music?

Thanks a lot! Ummm, I actually love to play table shuffleboard… we call it sandpuck! I also play Euchre all the time. (Don’t be afraid… It’s pronounced “You-Kerr” and its a Michigan game. I like to travel a lot. I used to hunt and fish, but I don’t really have time for that anymore. I guess I need a hobby!


8. Dellboy: How do you feel about people sharing music online, is that something that really bothers you as a musician?

I love it. I want people to hear my music, and come to my shows! I want everyone to know my lyrics!


9. Jeremiah Johnson: Just wondering when can we see your album hit stores?

That’s a great question. It’s almost done. I think we’re gonna drop in the summer! Keep your eyes peeled!


10. The Kid Rock Banger: What are your plans for the next 5 years?

I want a grammy! And I want to play Joe Louis Arena. (Oh wait… I guess we got that one covered!!! hahaha) I think it’s going to be a lot of touring and recording. I’ve got a ton of material that I’m dying to get out there!


Finally, do you have any final words for the fans? Any current projects you would like to mention?

Thank you guys very much for listening, and cheering, and writing. It means a lot to me. Kid Rock always thanks his fans at his shows for spending their hard earned money to come and see him. I feel the same way. My people work for a living, and I know what it means to take time or money to support an artist. God Bless you guys! Check out Doop and the Inside Outlaws, Brian Irwin, Chance, and Scott Kinson. they are all on my myspace page . Those are my peeps!

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