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Some information about the Extreme Kid Rock website

Extreme Kid Rock was launched on February-18th 2001 at 5:16pm GMT

For the first few months the site struggled to get going, getting few visitors and even less members! The first member, Badassbutler joined on Feb-23 2001

We now have over 7100 members, representing many different nationalities! Member ages range all the way from 8 to 88 years old.

Since Extreme Kid Rock was launched it has racked up more than 4.5 million hits.

Extreme Kid Rock is run by John (27) from England.

Only John was around when EKR was launched.The site was previously run by John and Andy (from England) who is no longer  involved in the site. Alex (from Germany) was recruited in 2002 to help out as the site grew larger. Ronny from Canada played a major part in updating EKR regularly but left in 2009 to run the official Kid Rock website. We are huge Kid Rock fans and love running a fansite that other fans can enjoy!

We’ve been told that Extreme Kid Rock has been visited several times by Kid Rock himself . Members of TBT also visit, including Jimmie Bones who posts from time to time on our forum.

This is just an unofficial fan site. For Kid Rock's official website
please visit